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We contract with public and charter schools!

School administrators, if you are having a hard time hiring speech therapists for your schools or if you have temporary vacancies, we can help! We currently have speech therapists placed in several districts in the Upstate, and we would be happy to talk to you about your needs.

We place therapists in private schools!

What are the benefits of having a Licensed Speech Therapist in your school?

  1. The ability to work one-on-one with students in a learning environment.
  2. The opportunity to work in a team setting with a student’s teachers and parents.
  3. The potential to customize therapy to coordinate with a student’s current curriculum.
  4. The real-time improvement of school readiness skills.
  5. The ability to observe a student’s communication skills in a classroom setting.

We are proud to contract with the following schools:

We perform developmental screenings!

We are excited to partner with day care centers and preschools to provide free developmental screenings. We conveniently come to your location to provide FREE screenings for children to assess their speech and language skills.

We provide a FAQ and all necessary forms for teachers, directors, and parents to begin the screening process. We never see children without express permission from their parent or guardian, and we will screen when it is convenient for both the child and the teacher. 

We understand the busy schedules of our parents and guardians, so our therapist comes to the child’s classroom for the screening and then communicates all results with the parent or guardian.